• Reija Janneson Bolwell

Boudoir Session with Aurora

Here is a sample of 20 final images, including black & white copies, from model Aurora's boudoir session. The images showcase my style of photography and the sets at StudioR Boudoir.

For Aurora's boudoir session, our first set was the light background, with the sheer curtains. Here we used the antique couch and fluffy bench as props. This set has the option of a white floor, and the background can be more opaque-white, still with the sheer curtains but without visible windows.

The second set is the dark "boudoir black" wall area, which is actually a little blue-ish in color. Here we used the antique chest, then did some prop-free standing poses. And then used the antique couch again.

The third set is the bed. Here we used satin sheets and the bronze headboard. The headboard is removable and we have the option of matte white sheets, instead of satin.

All of the lighting is achieved with studio lighting. Studio lighting is very versatile and you can achieve a wide range of looks, from very dark dramatic images, to very light low contrast images. My style tends to be somewhere in the middle, like you see in Aurora's images.

The studio has a few other props that I'll show in future posts. Meanwhile I hope this gives you a good glimpse into what the final results of a boudoir session at StudioR Boudoir can look like.

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