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A Look Inside the Sets of StudioR Boudoir

As of 2109 we have moved! Updated post coming soon!

StudioR Boudoir is a lovely, well-lit, warm and comfortable photography studio. It is located in the quaint, landmark El Rancho Shopping Center, walking distance from the popular Pleasure Point surf beach and bluff.

The studio has several boudoir sets that can be adjusted with different styles of lighting and different props like chairs, sheets, fabrics, blankets, pillows and more. We exclusively use studio lighting to achieve the broad range of looks you see in our portfolio.

Here are some examples of the studio sets:

1) The Bed: which can include a white wall or a damask wall. The bed can also be changed up with different sheet colors, blankets and pillows.

2) The Sheer Curtains: which can be set up with different lighting for a window look or to create silhouettes or back-lit images.

3) The Antique Couch: which can be used with different backgrounds, styles of lighting and framing.

4) The Antique Mirror Set: is a favorite because we can capture a front and back view simultaneously!

5) The Black & Gold Mirror Set: is classy, fun and unique to the studio.

6) The Boudoir Black Walls: can be used with different props, like chairs or fabrics, and different lighting.

7) The Plain Light Gray or White Walls: which can be used with different props, like chairs or fabrics, and different lighting. They work well with face shots, nudes and sweaters.

8) The Lockers: are fun with sweaters or sports paraphernalia!

9) The Antique Trunk: is very much loved by my clients!

We have more props and backgrounds at the studio to create some fun and unique images for you!

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StudioR Boudoir Photography, 2196 Portola Drive, Santa Cruz --- 831-332-0375 --- Reija@aol.com

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StudioR Boudoir is closed until further notice.